Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Free knitting and crochet patterns

Daisy Blanket

I really wanted to make my crochet and knitting patterns available at low prices for people, but now I see why the pattern prices start so high. 

It costs 20c per listing plus 3.5% of total sale to list an item on Etsy. It also costs 30c per transaction and 2.9% of the transaction amount if your customer pays by PayPal. There is also a similar fee if the customer pays directly. So before you even start you need to charge at least 55c and that will only pay the fees. I was hoping to list all my patterns for less than $1 and had listed some at first for less than I was paying in fees and share the love - and my time and effort - without much cost and definitely without fattening the profits Etsy and Paypal unnecessarily. 

So here are some of the patterns that everyone can have, without fattening the wallets of anyone. Just right lick on the image and "Save As"

Enjoy and keep an eye out for more

Ruffled Baby Blanket
Cable Knit Vest

Irish Lace Afghan