Sunday, 17 August 2014

A dropped stitch in the 'Loo - results

I just wanted to share some our results with you as well as give you a few options for dropping off your beanies and other useful knitted and crocheted donations.

We had a lovely day, although there were only a few of us, there were 2 cakes, a bottle of bubbly and lots of yarn, so I call it a success!!

Crochet Beanies
above are some of the beanies that have been made, two by myself and one by Lyn from our playgroup who could not make it on the day but made this contribution, which is especially welcomed as she has recently along with a couple of other Stitchers made 40 hats for some children in Uganda. My Mum also started one which she is finishing off at home - knitting is much slower we have decided.

I did also manage to start teaching the lovely Leslie to crochet and she started this green beanie. It has taught me a lot about myself as a teacher - I'm very hands on - as well as teaching crocheting specifically. After some discussion with Lyn (from playgroup) she discovered the above green and blue pattern where I can teach crocheting in a straight line before needing to teach anything fancy, like increasing and decreasing.

Lyn also donated a couple of balls of 12ply yarn for me to do another couple of beanies, which was really appreciated - pictured left.

A good day all round and I am really looking forward to our next one. That may have to wait until next winter, but I shall happily keep making beanies while I can - it becomes more difficult as the weather becomes warmer and the yarn sticks to ones fingers.

Where to drop your beanies

We will be dropping our beanies to the Matthew Talbot Centre in Woolloomooloo, Sydney

The Vinnies page has a list of all many organisations that assist people who are homeless.

A really great organisation if you are not near Sydney is Knit One Give One, knitted and crocheted donations can be dropped in any Lincraft store or there is a list of drop off points on their website.

Knit 4 Charity is an online group of knitters and crocheters who give to those in need
modelling a too big beanie

There are lots more groups who can help you donate your beanies, as well and many groups that you can join all over Australia who like to sit around together whilst making the clothing, please use Google to find one near you ;)

Well Thank you everyone for knitting, crocheting or giving moral support.

xx Vicki