Thursday, 26 June 2014

Loving the Vintage!

My Dad
Well, my Aunty has moved full time into a nursing home, its very nice and she is happy there but it's sad to see her house being sold. We spent many a memorable Christmas there, with all 30 something cousins, lots of presents, the race to find the sixpence in the pudding and the obligatory paper fight at the end where my Dad would walk around with a big garbage bag picking up the paper and pretending to be cross and not notice the big hole we had ripped in the bag...

Vintage Childrens Jumpers
We went over there on the weekend and to pick up a couple of pieces of memorabilia, only to come home with a car full of stuff that we could not bare to throw out. My Aunty is a self confessed hoarder, and there was two or three of just about anything you could imagine in her house!

But the one thing I came home and poured through and lovingly caress were the stack of old crochet and knitting patterns....

Crochet Summer Top
They are just lovely, crocheted vests and jumpers, motif and berets! Books and magazine offering to help me be fashionable and modern by crocheting outfits!! So I obviously had to share these treasures with the world of Etsy. To me they are priceless and I would never let go of the originals, but sharing them, whilst a little time consuming at first, cost me little. 

chunky knits cable
So please, go have a look, I've put up free instructions and how to's as well, cos everyone should know the joy of crochet!! 

Anywho, gotta go, I've gotta get to spotlight, I'm under instructions to buy more yarn for my Aunty, she's edging hankies :)