Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Cushions Ban

I love cushions! but I'm not allowed to buy any more...

so I've been making my own. I've made a heart shaped cushion out of a brightly coloured stripy fabric remnant for Lexi 

and a nice rectangle one out of a lovely teal remnant, for me!

crochet and upcycled
I also turned what was going to be a crocheted blanket for Lexi that I never finished into a cushion that even hubby agreed was actually a lot nicer then the one I covered.

I've been fascinated by the idea of turning old jumpers into "knitted" cushions and have finally made two, both of which hubby liked and one he "really quite liked". I'm loving the upcycled factor as well as the shabby chic/vintage look, and now I'm thinking the plainer one could do with some crocheted flowers...

I received a "suggestion" from my Mum that I make a very Mum looking cushion with crocheted flowers on it, so guess what she got for Mothers day?! You guessed, some crocheted flowers, and a suggested layout! Lucky lady. 
Cushion topper layout suggestion

I think I'm on a winner here, I can make as many cushion covers as I like, as long as I'm covering existing cushions or giving them away! Do you think he would notice if I snuck in a few new cushion inserts..?