Saturday, 15 March 2014

Pinterest, Modge Podge and Washi Tape

I Love all three!!

From decorating tin cans to glass jars for the bathroom, I'm always looking for things to decorate and new supplies. I have been wanting to Modge Podge the top of my boring black desk with some lovely paper I had and finally managed it whilst Lexi was in childcare and we had the day off ;) Not the tin can, that was already done.
            So, since there are more then enough tutorials on how to do this, here are my tips: 
  1. Make sure it's completely stuck down before modge podging, if I did it again, I would dip in a very watered down modge podge mix before placing on the desk, the paper stretches and bubbles once it's wet and doesn't shrink all the way back to it's original size once dry
  2. Don't put any heat on it once it's dry, that is; do not place a towel down and iron your fabric for that sewing project your working on cos hubby has set his laptop up on the ironing board...

The sewing project meanwhile is another Pinterest inspired project. I didn't take the pattern or instructions from Pinterest, just the inspiration. I was meaning to make some leggings for Lexi but didn't have enough material. In hind sight, I probably did but had over estimated how long they needed to be. I did a box pleat as this would be easier then threading elastic and perhaps less home made looking. In the end, it is too long and a bit wide, but it will fit her next year or perhaps I can sell it on Etsy too...