Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Gorgeous Quilt Made by my Clever Mum!

My Gorgeous Quilt Made by my Clever Mum!

I absolutely Love it! 

This quilt had more planning than any quilt so far I think! There was Pinterest, online fabric stores, real live fabric stores and even a quilting show!! Many Pins were sent flying through the good ol internet and we even had a plan to have my hubby "draw" up a pattern using CAD software.

I had an idea of what I wanted and Mum had to keep bringing me back to reality by asking for patterns etc. 

In the end the result was very much like one of my first "Pins". 

Teal and brown, off centre squares.

My Mum has made quite a few quilts now including many for my daughter and her other children. It can be an expensive hobby but she really enjoys it and is quite good at it as well.

 Some browns I bought and posted last minute when we realised there just wasn't enough brown, or material for that matter.

The pile of material, where to start!!

The off centre squares

This was one of the last pics Mum sent me. It was such a surprise when she turned up with the quilt as I hadn't heard anything about it since she had nearly finished the squares and I was amazed at how quick she finished!!

The layout, so many combinations!!

The quilt was quilted by a professional with a quilting machine, something that has always interested me as a side line income, I would've loved to have seen it.