Thursday, 31 July 2014

I like trying chocolate cake recipes that are a bit different

I find myself very torn when it comes to chocolate cakes... I really love chocolate, and I really am just not fussed with cake. I do not like the texture and it seems such a waste of good chocolate... But still I persist, and occasionally I come across a rich decadent chocolate cake that, well, takes the cake!

I like trying chocolate cake recipes that are a bit different. I think I'll give this one a go this weekend as the chocolate cake I promised to make for our Stitch n Bitch - See previous post.

 Your guide to the nasty ingredients in your beauty products and Beetroot Chocolate Cake Recipe

My Mum will be up on the weekend to help facilitate the Stitch n Bitch, so keep an eye out for updates on an extended family version of chocolate cake baking.

This blog which is by one of my Mothers group friends, also includes great tips on running a chemical free household too. I am definitely going to try the vinegar as fabric softener one, especially as hubby objects so much to the purchasing of the store bought ones.

 "The odour from the vinegar disappears in the final rinse cycle and once the washing is dry.  It is non toxic and a very cost effective fabric softener."

In other news, I seem to have "google plus shared" a blog and it has resulted in a blog entry on my behalf... I likes it!! And must try it out some more, I love sharing good ideas.