Sunday, 9 February 2014

Successful fun Mum morning

The forecast is rain all week... So along with the fact that Lexi will be in daycare an extra day and miss her swimming lesson this week, I'm determined to give Lexi a fun two days home!

We start with playing in bubbles... 

Washing up that is. Lexi is very big on role playing and is always extremely jealous when Mummy or Daddy play in the bubbles in the sink, so she must have been over the moon when I stood her at the sink full of bubbles!
She washed all her things along with some wooden spoons etc. She asked for more when finish all her things but her attention span expired with just a couple of wooden spoons and cups. Thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Next muffins!

Lexi has a bit of a fear of electrical things that make noise, so I had to hold her at first when the beaters were on but she soon got the hang of it. 

We washed Lexi and the bathroom sink while they were cooking, and then did some guitar playing while they cooled, and then... There was the icing! 
No photos of the icing process as it was a bit messy for the camera... 

And of course, the taste testing! 

And the final step is the clean up, of the chef that is! 

Combined with some bath painting/cleaning. 

Which, along with some cuddles and booking reading on the lounge, brought us right up to nap time! 
Now to figure out how to fill the next day and a half...