Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Come join me in 2013

Okay,  I don't know where I did my last Blog... So I'm starting again

Well it's 2013, which is a bit freaky, and there's a number of things I want to achieve this year, and this blog is to keep track of things. I'm hoping that to make my wish list of achievements public, I'm more likely to achieve them...

I also would like to start uni studies again, and stick to it...

I want a promotion

I would like to add some design to our living space

I would like to save a deposit for our own place

and I would like to start a regular activity with Lexi, I'm thinking Gymbaroo..

I'm sure there's more and I will just keep adding

In other news...

I'm getting into Pinterest lately, loving the colours and keeping whimsical ideas of things I like together

I now apparently have a google+ account, always wondered about that...

I am of course on facebook... 

and Linkedin and Twitter @QCVicki

Of course our big news for the Year of 2012 was the arrival and antics of Miss Alexis, who will be 1 year old in February

We are absolutely fascinated by this amazing little person we made, so expect plenty of Lexi updates!!

Well I hope everyone has a Great 2013!! 
And if I can in anyway help you make it better, let me know!!